Wednesday, April 6

Desk Sex P.O.V. With Katarina

Katarina Dubrova plays a stern bureaucrat who makes guys do her bidding if they need a document approved. And there isn't any guy with healthy hormone levels who wouldn't gladly do what she says for a chance to give her a dicking-down on her desk. She finishes off this applicant with a happy P.O.V. ending, jacking his cock off in her mouth and drooling his nut all over her perfect naturals.

Katarina speaks in this scene and her English is very good. Her voice is very sexy. It's rare that we've heard Katarina speak at all in her various scenes since 2007. Her voice is very pleasurable.

One of the beautiful faces at SCORELAND, Katarina's mommy body is in perfect shape. After her pregnancy, there was always the possibility that Katarina would retire after becoming a mommy. 


Monday, March 7

Double-D Your Pleasure

Little seen in travel agency brochures, the prestigious Hooter Hotel is located near an obscure village in an Eastern European nation. The staff is composed entirely of hot chicks... busty babes who could easily be SCORE magazine models. 

Our Man From S.C.O.R.E. on assignment, using the code name Mr. Johnson, has checked into this pulchritudinous paradise and has already met the horny room service waitress Karina and the orgasmically-inclined bell-hop Melissa. Today he runs into Katerina and Dominno, the two slinky, mysterious maids prowling the hallways in search of... something. Mr. Johnson sees them outside his room. "I've only checked in a couple of hours ago," he says to the giggling duo, gorgeous in their skimpy maids' costumes that no other hotel on earth provides. "It can't be dirty." 

With a saucy giggle and a wicked smile, Dominno tells him in her sexy Czech accent, "We MAKE it dirty." She laughs. There's nothing clean about these two young ladies. 

They proceed to enter Mr. Johnson's room and stain the sheets with fresh pussy juices as they have hot, lipstick-Lesbian sex and play with a huge toy. Johnson is impressed as he enjoys the show. These are really good maids. They've made such a mess of the bedsheets, it's a good thing they're maids. Now they can clean the room before they leave. 

Sunday, February 20

Kitchen cream dreams

Katarina Dubrova has the body of a fashion model and the boobs of a SCORE Girl. 

Even though Katarina is glammed-up in his scene, she still looks like the girl-next-door. She has no tattoos, and that's rare these days. Katarina's only body art is a pierced belly button. She's a member of the long pussy lips club with labia that are thick and pliable, like her perky nipples

Katarina started modeling when she was 19. She's been a SCORE Group performer since  2007. Katarina has a regular job, too. She seems like she would jump on one of those cam sites and do shows from home, but said she has no interest in that.  While she does hardcore, she only has sex with one lucky man, her baby daddy. 


Monday, January 17

Creamed Pussies

What do Katarina Dubrova, Sabina Leigh, Shyla Shy, Scarlet LaVey, Vicky Soleil, Elle Flynn, Harlow Nyx, Olivia Jackson,  Claudia Kealoha, Alysha Morgan and Shay Fox have in common? Besides having really big tits?

They've all been creampied by SCORELAND studs, and it's shown in Creamed Pussies.

Creampies, a term invented about 20 years ago for porn scenes with internal cum shots, used to be very rare in hardcore scenes because most viewers wanted to see the pop to prove the guy had actually cum. 

We once did a poll about creampie scenes. 280 clicked "I like them." 187 clicked "I'd rather see the pop-shot on her tits, mouth or face." 63 clicked "I don't like them." 83 clicked "I'm indifferent about them." Proof that trends change over time and so do viewer interests. 

Sunday, November 14

Hot Cream Injection For A Busty Beauty

The very beautiful and sensual Katarina Dubrova is ready for the high, hard one. She's dolled herself up (a girl who looks like Katarina only needs a few seconds to do that) and she's put on a sexy outfit for the occasion. It won't stay on very long. She needs to be fully nude and barefoot.

Her man licks her pretty pussy, then gives her his prick to play with, suck, and tit-fuck. She gets on top of him to boob-bang and jerk it as she softly coos sweet sounds. She blows him some more, and then climbs on top after her panties are tossed away.

Taking his boner in hand, Katarina sticks it inside her pussy as he sucks and kisses her fine, perky tits. Then she rides his rod like a cowgirl at a rodeo. Katarina is a natural at doing the hump and pump and she needs no enticing to get him to drill her in reverse-cowgirl, from behind and from the side until his nut spurts deep inside her pussy-hole. She gives every bit as good as she gets. 

With his cock still inside her, she massages his ball-bag to drain all of that guy juice. When he withdraws his dick, Katarina squeezes and the man-goo pours out of her creampied pussy to her deep satisfaction.

Monday, October 11

The Girl They Call The Body

Czech-mate Katarina has a regular job in addition to her posing. She has no interest in being a web-cam model and prefers the more traditional kind of modeling in studios.

Katarina can oscillate between girl-next-door and glam girl. Naturally slim and stacked, blessed with an insanely perfect body, Katarina's tits began developing when she hit her early teens. She began modeling at 19. 

Sunday, September 5

Hand job honey

In this scene, lovely Katarina Dubrova from the Czech Republic tit-fucks a dude's cock and jacks his dick until it squirts cum onto her fresh, natural, E-cup tits

This scene took place in Hungary in a castle that The SCORE Group rented. It just so happens that while Katarina was taking care of this lucky dude's cock, I was sitting a few feet away and recording the action for a blog we did that week. I kept noticing that Katarina was looking at me. I'm sure she was thinking, "Why is this fucking pervert watching me?"

I didn't get to speak to Katarina while she was in Hungary. She doesn't speak much English. I speak zero Czech. But we'll always have these few moments.